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William Bastian Ravenswood

Dr. William Bastian, D.C.

Chiropractic Physician

William Bastian, a Chiropractic Physician at Ravenswood Health and Wellness, has always been interested in how the body moves and functions. “I found there’s so much to learn about how the body works as an entire system and not individual parts,” he says. This interest really took off right before getting his doctorate in Chiropractic. “It was my senior year of undergrad, when I interned with a D.C., that I truly understood that concept. Everything in the body is connected.”

William believes Ravenswood is unique. “We incorporate a whole health mentality. Chiropractic is amazing with what it can do but there is also much more that goes into health. We incorporate exercise/ personal training, nutrition and a medical model as well.”

The process of a patient starting with pain and the inability to do things to being able to move and function is what motivates William. He says, “When it comes to patient interaction, “I like seeing the change people go through, not only physically through care but how it changes them mentally as well. Once they are able to get out of pain and move better, their whole life can change.”

Outside of work, William is into sports, anything outdoors, fishing, snowboarding, traveling and martial arts. And like his interest in how the human body moves and functions, he also studies and works on the mechanics of cars and motorcycles.