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Reviews & Testimonials

We are currently updating the manner in which we present all our patient reviews and testimonials. Please check back soon as we should have this section completed in a timely fashion.

From our patients

"I cannot begin to describe how terrible the pain in my back was. It kept me from the things in my life I loved, playing with my kids when they got home from school or running through the park. Thanks to Dr. Fennema that all changed. By my second visit I felt the pain slipping away and I've been pain-free for over 2 years. Thank You Doctor!"

- C.K.

Dr. Jason Fennema is a miracle worker. I cannot believe I waited this long to seek chiropractic help for the pain in my lower back from a football game months ago! I strongly recommend anyone searching for chiropractic help to see Dr. Jason Fennema.

- J.T.