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Pain Management

Ravenswood Pain Management

Physical pain affects every aspect your life. Don’t let your neck, back, hip, or any other discomforts throughout your body deter you from leading a fulfilling and normal life. Proper assessment and a plan forward that is individually suited to your body can help you take back the control of your life. Our entire staff is devoted to providing the relief from the conditions you are experiencing as quickly and as long-term as is possible. Take the first step on your journey towards living pain free.

Find the right solution that works for you.

Auto Accident Care

Back & Neck Pain


Joint & Knee Pain


Migraine Relief

Physical Therapy

Sports Injury Care

Dr Jason Fennema Clinical Director
Dr. Jason Fennema, D.C.
Clinical Director
Dr Francis Puzon
Dr. Francis Puzon, D.C.

Tatiana Jaramillo Ravenswood Nurse Practitioner
Tatiana Jaramillo, F.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

David Gindlesparger Ravenswood Health Trainer
David Gindlesparger
Director of Personal Training,
Movement Specialist
James Ettling Ravenswood Health Trainer
James Ettling
Personal Trainer,
Movement Specialist