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Functional Movement System

At Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center our focus is on Funtional Fitness. That means our ultimate goal is to not only improve the way our clients look but to improve the way they feel and function on a day-to-day basis. A trimmer waist means little if you still suffer from achy knees and a sore back!

Functional Fitness Training addresses these issues by eliminating muscle imbalances and emphasizing form and technique. It differs from traditional strength training in that it encourages total body movements instead of isolation exercises. You move through the world using your body as a whole and you should train that way too! This revolutionary type of training burns more calories and is a more efficient and effective way to exercise.

Through the use of a personalized strength and flexibility program, both David and James, our nationally certified personal trainers do more than just help our clients lose body fat and increase lean mass. Their professional instruction will enhance your balance, coordination, posture and even alleviate chronic pain.

David Gindlesparger Ravenswood Health Trainer
David Gindlesparger
Director of Personal Training,
Movement Specialist
James Ettling Ravenswood Health Trainer
James Ettling
Personal Trainer,
Movement Specialist