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Francis Puzon, Chiropractor Ravenswood Health

Dr. Francis Puzon, D.C.


Dr. Francis Puzon will tell you the one thing he likes best about working with his patients is "Not just working with them but educating them about how resilient the human body is and then seeing positive results."

Early on he loved anatomy, physiology, exercise and fitness as an undergrad but, "I never knew anything about chiropractic until I suffered an injury with by back and was referred to a chiropractor by my dad." He explains, "I learned more about chiropractic from my former chiropractor and now mentor. I lived the lifestyle and felt the urge to help get people well through education and without the use of drugs or surgery."

Dr. Puzon believes one of the big differences at Ravenswood is "we offer spinal correction with pain management, functional movement correction, and massage therapy with a positive, caring, and motivated team."

Outside of work, Dr. Puzon enjoys lifting weights, running, playing basketball, and spending time with his family.