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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

It is very common for people to ignore recurring muscle pains, and address neck and back discomfort by taking pain relievers and forgoing a visit to a Chicago chiropractor. Over time, the body can grow tolerant to medication, and you’ll need to take more for the pain to subside.

At Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center, our chiropractors utilize electric muscle stimulation to promote self-healing in your bodily systems and to repair any muscle and joint injuries. This technique mimics the low frequency electrical pulses that your nervous system sends throughout the body to encourage natural healing mechanisms. Patients are relieved from pain and discomfort – without the dependency on medicine – through this non-invasive, non-surgical chiropractic procedure using Electric Muscle Stimulation in Chicago.

The process of administering chicago electric muscle stimulation is simple. Dr. Fennema places electrodes directly on the patient’s skin around the injury or on the area that needs rehabilitation. Sometimes, one electrode is placed right on the injury, while other times, two electrodes are placed on the opposite edges of the wound. Then, a machine generates the electrical impulses that travel through the electrodes to the muscle. At the same time, the muscle contracts and blood circulation increases, and as a result, more tissue is formed to heal the injury. In the long run, Electric Muscle Stimulation in Chicago greatly speeds up the recovery process.

Patients often benefit from Electric Muscle Stimulation in Chicago and are able to regain mobility or restore normal functions in the body after traumatic injuries. There are some side effects after receiving Chicago Electric Muscle Stimulation, but they are generally very mild. Patients sometimes experience redness, skin tenderness, irritation, or short-term inflammation around the area where the electrodes were placed.

You must discuss your current health condition with Dr. Fennema before getting any treatments with Electric Muscle Stimulation in Chicago. Those who are pregnant, implanted with medical devices (such as a pacemaker), or have pre-existing conditions must avoid this form of therapy – the electrical impulses can exacerbate these conditions.

If you want to know more about Chicago Electric Muscle Stimulation and how it can help heal your muscles, don’t hesitate to contact our office at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center. Dr. Fennema and his team of trained professionals are here to help relieve any of your pains.

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