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David Gindlesparger Ravenswood

David Gindlesparger

Director of Personal Training, Movement Specialist

David Gindlesparger is the lead trainer at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center and has made an incredible impact improving the lives of so many of our patients. “I believe in movement as therapy and in my seven years with RHWC I have had clients from all walks of life see success with this philosophy.” He adds, “I use proper joints mechanics in conjunction with a combination of mobility techniques to restore function and reduce pain in our clientele.”

A phrase David believes in was coined by Gray Cook, ‘First move well, then move often.’ It sounds simple but David points out, “all too often this gets reversed and it inevitably leads to pain and injury.” David will stress that the order matters. “I believe it is important for every human to have an understanding of basic movement mechanics in order to avoid dysfunction and promote healthy joints and tissue. Our bodies are designed to last 100 years but unfortunately most of us will break down long before then. It is my goal to unlock that 100 year potential in every client that steps into our gym!”

If experience counts, then David’s view of Ravenswood has a lot of merit. “The thing that separates RHWC from the rest is that we have experienced professionals in three different fields who all share the same philosophy about how to heal and nurture the human body. It is unique to find that kind of synergy all located under one roof and it’s how we are able to achieve such great results with our patients. There is no other facility in Chicago that can match the kind of comprehensive holistic care that we offer here at RHWC and that’s what makes this place so special.”

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