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COVID 19 UPDATE: Like the rest of the world, we at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center are concerned about the health crisis we are all living through and are monitoring the situation closely. During this challenging time we are maintaining two top priorities: the health and safety of our patients, and the ability to continue providing our patients the best care possible. Although cleanliness is always a priority, we have taken many extra steps and will be bringing in outside services to thoroughly clean our facility. Although Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center is concerned for the well-being of our community, we also realize we serve an important role in keeping people well. Please visit our Facebook page to access links, research, and articles about how to boost your immune system, the benefits of Chiropractic care and fighting off viruses, and our latest updates. Thank you.

Chiropractic X-rays

Is an X-ray in Chicago what you’re looking for? Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, offers fast, easy Chicago X-ray examinations when you come for a visit at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center for Chicago chiropractic care. Here, our Chicago X-ray specialists are happy to aid you in better analyzing your bones and other structural components in your body.

Chicago X-ray machines employ electromagnetic radiation to create and release beams of high-energy photons that pass through your body. Your bones and tissues change the nature of the X-ray beams as they pass through, and results in creating a clear image of your body on film or on a computer. You must keep completely still, though, when getting an X-ray in Chicago, otherwise the image will be blurry and inaccurate. This is why we commonly tell our patients to hold their breath for just that short instant of exposure – any small movement will make the image blurry. The resulting image is then printed on a special film or captured on a computer.

The shades that appear on the image of your X-ray in Chicago depend on what structure in your body is being examined. The individual appearance of each structure depends on its density. For the bones and metal that is in your body, the image will show as white. For any air, such as in your lungs, your Chicago X-ray film will show as black. Other aspects of your body, like fluids, muscles, and fat will appear as shades of gray.

If a Chicago X-ray examination is necessary to determine the kind of chiropractic care you need, we’ll offer you one of the on-site X-ray tests we have at our clinic. Our office utilizes the latest X-ray equipment and film of the highest quality. We also make sure that the machines are registered and properly inspected before they are used. Your X-ray in Chicago is guaranteed to have the best possible imaging using the least amount of radiation exposure. When all of the images have been processed, they will be evaluated immediately, or given to a radiologist if something questionable comes up.

There are reasons for some not to pursue an X-ray in Chicago. Alert Dr. Fennema if you are, or may be, pregnant, or are using an IUD; radiation can be especially damaging to young children and fetuses. Similarly, as metals and other special clothing components can cover up important Chicago X-ray data, you should remove any jewelry you might have and wear only a hospital gown.

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