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COVID 19 UPDATE: Like the rest of the world, we at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center are concerned about the health crisis we are all living through and are monitoring the situation closely. During this challenging time we are maintaining two top priorities: the health and safety of our patients, and the ability to continue providing our patients the best care possible. Although cleanliness is always a priority, we have taken many extra steps and will be bringing in outside services to thoroughly clean our facility. Although Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center is concerned for the well-being of our community, we also realize we serve an important role in keeping people well. Please visit our Facebook page to access links, research, and articles about how to boost your immune system, the benefits of Chiropractic care and fighting off viruses, and our latest updates. Thank you.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape, which can also be called elastic therapeutic tape, was created by Dr. Kenzo Kase, who came upon the idea in his search for an athletic adhesive tape that would best simulate the elasticity and ventilation of human skin. His invention utilized an added cotton strip and acrylic adhesive, which contributed to a less restrictive fit than typical athletic tape. This allows the body to better heal itself by letting blood and lymphatic fluid flow freely.

Chicago Kinesio Tape is commonly used for athletes, in order to prevent injuries and aid healing of prior injuries – but this only constitutes 30% of its total usage. In fact, Kinesio Tape in Chicago is mostly used in therapy, just as we do at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center for Chicago chiropractic care, to either give overused muscles a break, or push underused muscles into action. It does this by physically reorganizing their active and support functions.

A key advantage Chicago Kinesio Tape material has, over standard athletic tape, is its flexibility. The Kinesio Tape in Chicago actually has the exact same flexibility (140%) as human skin, and can therefore work much better in tandem with your body. You see, the reason our chiropractors use it here at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center is because – as your skin bends and flexes, stretching as the bones and muscles move beneath it – only Chicago Kinesio Tape can follow these movements without slipping and warping. This way, Kinesio Tape in Chicago is able to give you generally unrestricted motion as you heal.

Also, Chicago Kinesio Tape allows for a degree of ventilation otherwise impossible with regular athletic tape. Utilizing thousands of miniscule perforations, the Kinesio Tape in Chicago permits the skin to let off moisture and have contact with fresh air. To further facilitate this process, the tape has a number of ridges lining its contour; these ridges also pull the tape outward to some extent, resulting in a discernibly light feel. Furthermore, you can wear Chicago Kinesio Tape for several days in a row, saving yourself the damaging process of application and removal common to athletic tape.

All of these improvements combine to make Kinesio Tape in Chicago rather like a second skin, supporting and rehabilitating you for sports and day-to-day tasks without the burdens and complications of athletic tape. At Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center, cared for by Dr. Fennema, you can encourage the healing potential of your body, using Chicago Kinesio Tape for unobtrusive support.

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