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COVID 19 UPDATE: Like the rest of the world, we at Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center are concerned about the health crisis we are all living through and are monitoring the situation closely. During this challenging time we are maintaining two top priorities: the health and safety of our patients, and the ability to continue providing our patients the best care possible. Although cleanliness is always a priority, we have taken many extra steps and will be bringing in outside services to thoroughly clean our facility. Although Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center is concerned for the well-being of our community, we also realize we serve an important role in keeping people well. Please visit our Facebook page to access links, research, and articles about how to boost your immune system, the benefits of Chiropractic care and fighting off viruses, and our latest updates. Thank you.

Chiropractic Adjusting

Without therapy, you can experience a significant amount of pain when your joints rapidly stretch. At Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center, under the care of our Chiropractors, you can be cared for with the attention you need for continued, pain-free health with a chiropractic adjustment in Chicago.

A chiropractic adjustment serves to safely and efficiently soothe back pain. The common situation during a Chicago chiropractic adjustment is an increase in your blood circulation as your muscles and ligaments get stretched. This causes a rapid firing of your nerve fibers. Chicago adjusting, though, is more thorough. For a basic understanding of what happens here, it’s necessary to give you an overview of neuroanatomy – the anatomy of your nerves and nervous system in general.

One special aspect of what we do with our adjustments in Chicago is that we use direct mechanical pressure on the mechanoreceptors of your body. The adjustment stretches your muscle spindles. The stretching of spinal joints with during an adjustment can lead to a small popping or cracking sound in your back; this is natural. The sound is caused by the stretching in your spinal joints. Enclosing the joint capsules in your back is tissue fluid which contains pockets of air and bubbles. When the joint opens and stretches the joint tissue during adjusting in Chicago, the rapidly shifting air makes this popping sound.

Our patients find that each chiropractic adjustment gives them increased lower back flexibility and mobility. Even if your muscles remain sore or tight after an adjustment, most of the time, the range of motion in your spine is vastly improved. We often find patients returning for other treatments, such as spine muscle adjustments, after they have received their first adjustment in our Chicago office.

Naturally, Chicago adjusting is only one of many ways you can take care of your spine. In particular, our doctors recommend specific back-strengthening exercises, as well as procedures for properly bending and lifting objects. The goal of these exercises is to keep your spine moving. Also, we often suggest that patients return every three months for another more treatments with adjusting in Chicago.

It’s clear that chiropractors are important in treating and diagnosing lower back issues and other spinal problems too. We continue to discover more ways that spinal adjusting in Chicago works to relieve issues with subluxation in the spine. Ravenswood Health and Wellness Center completely understands how adjusting in Chicago can work to treat your chiropractic disorders and conditions.

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We believe in natural healing: a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care which features adjustments, rehabilitation, therapy, and the balance of proper nutrition. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you!