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Thank you for visiting our Techniques page, where we are pleased to offer you an informed overview of the distinctive services Chicago therapy can offer. Doctors have varying interests and areas of expertise in Chicago chiropractic. It is crucial to start your search for pain relief in the appropriate place: chiropractic treatment in Chicago.

Our Techniques page will inform you about resources for chiropractic treatment in Chicago – our goal being to provide enough resources for you to feel comfortable from the start. Quality chiropractic treatment in Chicago covers spinal adjustments as well as other, more subtle forms of adjustments. These less-obvious Chicago therapy adjustments include integrating healthful lifestyle practices. With Chicago therapy, you’ll improve the quality of your short-term health, and pay it forward, too, ensuring that you’ll enjoy good health for years to come.

Ravenswood Health Center and Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, look to make connections between the obvious Chicago therapy hands-on spinal adjustments and more subtle lifestyle changes, creating a balanced and comprehensive pathway to recovery. When patients are able to proactively use Chicago therapy, they are, in turn, more able to reach their treatment goals. Chiropractic treatment in Chicago helps patients understand the full scope of their healing.

We have called attention to the many treatments and services we provide at our office because the long-term promotion of Chicago therapy matters to us. Our chiropractic practice’s exemplary standard is the result of our meticulous attention to detail. We are proud to offer Chicago therapy to you.

We are confident that our Techniques page will prove to be reliable and comprehensive. As always, should you have any additional questions about chiropractic treatment in Chicago in general, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Dr. Fennema, and our staff of Chicago therapy associates would love to hear any feedback you have that might enable us to provide better chiropractic services.

If you need chiropractic treatment in Chicago, why wait? Call your Chicago therapy providers at Ravenswood Health Center today! We can’t wait for the opportunity to provide you with excellent chiropractic treatment in Chicago.

Chiropractic Treatment in Chicago

Chicago Adjusting

Without therapy, you can experience a significant amount of pain when your joints rapidly stretch. At Ravenswood Health Center, under the care of Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, you can be cared for with the attention you need for continued, pain-free health with a chiropractic adjustment in Chicago. A chiropractic adjustment serves to safely and efficiently […]

Chicago Diversified Technique

At Ravenswood Health Center, we proudly employ a variety of Chicago chiropractic methods in order to improve the health of our patients. More often than not, we find it most useful to incorporate a combination of several techniques to help our patients reach their ultimate goals; the Diversified Technique in Chicago is one such method. […]

Chicago Electrical Muscle Stimulation

It is very common for people to ignore recurring muscle pains, and address neck and back discomfort by taking pain relievers and forgoing a visit to a Chicago chiropractor. Over time, the body can grow tolerant to medication, and you’ll need to take more for the pain to subside. At Ravenswood Health Center, Dr. Jason […]

Chicago Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape, which can also be called “elastic therapeutic tape,” was created by Dr. Kenzo Kase, who came upon the idea in his search for an athletic adhesive tape that would best simulate the elasticity and ventilation of human skin. His invention utilized an added cotton strip and acrylic adhesive, which contributed to a less […]

Chicago Thompson Terminal Point Technique

Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, often uses the Thompson Technique in his Chicago chiropractic practice at Ravenswood Health Center. This chiropractic method of treatment, also known as the Chicago Thompson Drop Table Technique and the Chicago Thompson Terminal Point Technique, is based on the work done by Dr. J. Clay Thompson and Dr. Romer Derifield during […]

Chicago X-ray

Is an X-ray in Chicago what you’re looking for? Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, offers fast, easy Chicago X-ray examinations when you come for a visit at Ravenswood Health Center for Chicago chiropractic care. Here, our Chicago X-ray specialists are happy to aid you in better analyzing your bones and other structural components in your body. […]

So dive in; browse through each technique to determine which particular treatment - or treatments - might complement your current lifestyle. Our best interest is your best interest, so take the time to discover your options for treatment today!