Muscle Strain Treatment

A muscle strain also referred to as muscle trauma, is specifically an injury to the muscle-tendon unit. If injury is done to the muscle fibers, the muscle-tendon connection, the tendon or the bony insertion point, a muscle strain is most likely to develop. Mild, moderate or severe muscle strains in Chicago are classifications given to them based on the medical assessment. Typically, a muscle strain is a consequence of overstretching of the affected muscle. Very often, a muscle strain is referred to as a muscle pull.

The typical symptoms of a muscle strain are: stiffness, localized pain, and a bruised feeling. Very often people with a muscle strain will develop a knot in the muscle and this is known as a tender point, says Dr. Jason Fennema DC. When pain is felt somewhere upon pressure at the tender point of a strained muscle, this area will be known as trigger point.

Then, when a painful nerve is stimulated and there is involuntary contraction, this is known as muscle spasm.

To determine the cause of your muscle strain, your Chiropractor will do a complete examination and history-taking, as well as orthopaedic and neurological testing. Then Chicago Chiropractor will develop a specific plan of management tailored to your case.

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