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Dr. Kyle Ross, D.C.


As a dedicated chiropractor, Dr. Kyle Ross strengthens Ravenswood's approach for the health and well-being of each patient. He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic National University of Health Science.

After years of being frustrated with not understanding what was wrong, Ross was having health issues that weren't being resolved with medication, so he decided to go into the healthcare field to see if he could find answers.

Dr. Ross has a personal statement: "I always had the belief that the amount we invest into our body is directly associated with the quality life that we want. I never wanted to be a person 'trapped in my own body' because of preventable life choices. I was sharing this belief with a friend, and they said 'you sound like a chiropractor.' This got me curious about chiropractic, and started learning more. After a year of research and shadowing, I knew that chiropractic was the right fit for me. While in school, I was able to get to the root causes of health issues through through nutrition, supplementation, physical therapy, myofascial techniques, and adjustments."

Dr. Ross believes "Every person can find a part of their life that needs improvement. There is a way to get to the next/best level of 'you.' It's my goal to have my patient realize and show up each day at their fullest potential."

His love for helping patients is clear from the start of every first appointment. "Every person is unique. I love the challenge of helping those patients who've tried other practitioners but haven't yet found success."

"What drew me to Ravenswood, was the multidisciplinary approach to take care of the entire person. Knowing that each practitioner's unique skills can aid in bringing maximum health and wellness is exciting."

His interests outside of work include working out, painting, photography and hiking in the great outdoors.

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