Hip Pains Chicago

The hip is quite stable and requires a major force to cause a dislocation. Hips are more subjected to joint and/or bone damage than other areas of the body. As a weight-bearing joint, it is commonly affected by degenerative changes and fracture in senior patients in IL. Conditions such as infant congenital disorders, adolescent trauma, adolescent growth plate or elderly fracture, are less likely determinants of hip pain than age itself.

Pain can be deceiving – especially in the hip area as many patients may be experiencing this pain as a direct result of low back issues or buttocks problems. The internal structure of the hip joint, or other surrounding bones, can be causing a patient’s hip pain. A common traumatic history for hip pain is a fall onto the hip, says Dr. Jason Fennema DC. The fall can cause injuries in the soft tissue of the hip, including contusion (trochanteric bursitis). Very often with hip pain, the pain is worse during activity and relieved by rest.

The following are some ways to treat hip pain from Chicago Chiropractor: 1. Book weekly or monthly appointments with your local chiropractor 2. Reduce stress whenever possible as they can aggravate the pain 3. Don’t overdo it – rest is one of the best treatments for acute pain 4. When ready, exercise to reduce fatigue of the muscle, which can cause pain 5. Have a positive attitude – focus on the activities that you enjoy and look forward to activities you can do when you are pain free

Expect your chiropractor in Chicago to investigate your health history by performing neurological, orthopaedic and radiography testing so that he or she can discover causes for your hip pain. Expect your chiropractor to devise a individualized treatment plan designed to eliminate your pain.

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