Foot Pain Chiropractic Treatment

The majority of foot pain is due to a lack of proper support or inappropriate footwear. A frequent source of foot pain, says Dr. Jason Fennema DC, is ill-fitting shoes that may give too much pressure or irritation, producing corns and calluses, or aggravation at the first toe (Hallux Valgus). When shoes worn are too tight, the metatarsals become compressed or toenails can be injured, resulting in foot pain. Plantar fasciitis, another frequent reason for foot pain, can also develop from a foot that is over-mobile and there is deficient support. IL foot pain can also come from ankle sprains. Ankle sprain which is very common is plantar flexion with inversion.

With foot pain treatment, it is important not only to manage the acute injury but to attempt to prevent future occurrences. Treatment for foot pain at Chicago Chiropractor often comprises an establishment of the needs of the particular activity along with a rehabilitaion program that must be strictly followed.

Your Chicago chiropractor can correctly diagnose your foot pain and its real cause by taking a detailed history and examination, including neurological and orthopaedic testing and radiographic studies as well. Armed with this data, they will develop a management regimen taking into consideration your specific case and needs.

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