Chiropractic Therapy Anxiety

Uneasiness, fear, apprehension… these feelings are all associated with anxiety, as stated by Dr. Jason Fennema DC.

Anxiety, a reaction which naturally incites survival mechanisms. Anxiety acts like a warning device that goes off when the scent of danger is in the air. It is normal to have anxiety when things get hectic or complicated but, if the anxiety becomes overwhelming, you may feel out of control. If this is the case, you should visit Chicago Chiropractor. Anxiety that never goes away can lead to harmful behaviour like overindulging in food or abusing drugs or alcohol.

If most of your waking time is spent in needless worrying and you have trouble sleeping soundly, you may be experiencing anxiety disorder. A Chicago chiropractor can help.

Anxiety disorder is a very regular occurrence. Anxiety disorder affects around 3% of the adult population in a 12-month period in IL. Women get anxiety disorder two times as much as men. Anxiety disorder consists of excessive nervousness and worry lasting 6 months or longer about many activities or events.

Your chiropractor doctor will perform an extensive examination on you, icluding orthopaedic and neurological testing and take your complete history. Then a good chiropractor will create a plan of management made to fit you specifically. If you need more information, go to

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