Chicago Rehabilitative Exercises

Chicago rehabilitative exercises are spreading in both effectiveness and practice. Our Chicago chiropractor, Dr. Jason Femmena, DC, and his patients enjoy the results of rehabilitative exercises in Chicago and how they impact a generalized chiropractic experience. Just how do Chicago rehabilitative exercises improve overall health and can they really help you? Outlined below are the basics of rehabilitative exercises in Chicago, so keep reading!

As always, before beginning any new exercises, including the Chicago rehabilitative exercises listed below, consult with your personal physician. Each set of rehabilitative exercises in Chicago may vary drastically from patient to patient, and as physical conditions fluctuate during treatment. Because your body’s limitations and levels of inspiration can vary from day to day, it is important to be cautious with any exercise program, including Chicago rehabilitative exercises.

It is important to note that the following is just an overview of the rehabilitative exercises in Chicago and not tailored to meet the needs of every patient practicing Chicago rehabilitative exercises individually.

The single-leg squat is used to improve balance, coordination, and weight transfer to help a patient with movement deviations. This squat slows down movement in the hip and leg, allows the glutes to extend, and returns the body to its original standing position. Because timing and muscle memory helps your body remember the proper way to transfer weight (as in walking), it is critical not to rush rehabilitative exercises in Chicago. A foam roller is used for the isolation of the gluteals. We use our hips less than nature intended, especially in today’s modern world, because we spend the majority of our days sitting. And the result? Posterior hip and gluteal musculature become imbalanced because some muscles are overused while others atrophy altogether due to a lack of use.

Self-myofascial massage is another one of the Chicago rehabilitative exercises that can be very effective in correcting the hip muscles used or not used during extended sitting. A foam roller can be used on the glutes to rejuvenate them and keep them active. These rehabilitative exercises in Chicago are just two of the numerous exercises that our doctors use to help treat their patients.

Remember, you can always improve your chiropractic health, and we’d love to guide you. You can gain a better understanding of the full scope of Chicago rehabilitative exercises by making an appointment with Dr. Fennema and the professionals at Ravenswood Health Center.

Rehabilitative Exercises in Chicago

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