Chicago Leg Pain Care

IL leg pain that is caused by lower leg conditions can be harmless, or life threatening. You can narrow down the the list of leg disorders you may be suffering from if you’ve had a history of trauma, overuse, of disuse of the legs. Leg pain in Chicago in the calf area, especially among seniors, is usually indicative of deep vein thrombosis. This leg disorder is very serious, and unfortunately, it is usually difficult to differentiate from muscle strain, or minor swelling.

Leg pain is common among athletes who exercises frequently. Strain in the calf muscle from biomechanical imbalances at the foot level causes the leg pain.

To determine the specific cause of the leg pain you’re experiencing, the chiropractor, Dr. Jason Fennema DC, will require you to undergo orthopaedic, neurological, and diagnostic testing, and go through your health history. A personalized treatment regimen will be developed by the chiropractor specifically for you.

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