Digestive Disorders Part1

Chiropractic care, as evidenced by many studies, is an effective method of treatment for conditions of a digestive nature. As shown by one study, infants with infrequent bowel syndrome under chiropractic care demonstrated almost instant relief of their symptoms after a few sessions. Another extensive study showed a direct connection between Crohn’s disease and spinal […]

Organic Food Part1

Like other smart shoppers, you’ve probably asked yourself if organic food is better for your health, or if the so-called advantages are just a bunch of hype. Let’s first look at the word organic and how it is used. An organic farm is one that is dedicated to particular principles with regard to the environment, […]

Asthma And Chiropractic

This respiratory condition can also be called hyperactive airways, and is categorized as a reversible obstructive respiratory disorder. With asthma, continued inadequate management can lead to a life-threatening situation known as status asthmaticus. Asthma is characterized by spastic contraction of the smooth muscle in the bronchioles, which causes extremely difficult breathing. Most of the time, […]

Chicago Infantile Colic Therapy

An infant with IL infantile colic is a normal, growing baby that engages in crying bouts for an extended period of time, usually three hours a day for at least three days a week in a three-week period. Excessive gas, abnormal peristalsis, and food allergies or intolerances have been suggested causes of infantile colic, but […]

Chiropractor Care Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis is defined as a degenerative disease that may occur in any synovial joint. Unlike acute diseases, Chicago osteoarthritis creeps up on a person. Osteoarthritis is generally seen on the knees, hip and joints of the hand. In the older population, or those 55 years old and above, an estimated 50% have osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can […]

Foot Pain Chiropractic Treatment

The majority of foot pain is due to a lack of proper support or inappropriate footwear. A frequent source of foot pain, says Dr. Jason Fennema DC, is ill-fitting shoes that may give too much pressure or irritation, producing corns and calluses, or aggravation at the first toe (Hallux Valgus). When shoes worn are too […]

Leg Pain Chiropractor Care

In shin splints, vague symptoms such as pain of the lower leg, in the front or back, are experienced by the patient visiting Chicago Chiropractor. It is not easy to specifically define shin splints. Diseases that are known to cause shin splints are tendonitis, periostitis, muscle strain and interosseous membrane strain. There are basically two […]

Hip Pains Chicago

The hip is quite stable and requires a major force to cause a dislocation. Hips are more subjected to joint and/or bone damage than other areas of the body. As a weight-bearing joint, it is commonly affected by degenerative changes and fracture in senior patients in IL. Conditions such as infant congenital disorders, adolescent trauma, […]

Chicago Leg Pain Care

IL leg pain that is caused by lower leg conditions can be harmless, or life threatening. You can narrow down the the list of leg disorders you may be suffering from if you’ve had a history of trauma, overuse, of disuse of the legs. Leg pain in Chicago in the calf area, especially among seniors, […]

Neck Pain Treatment Chicago

Right now, there are about 9 percent of the male population and 12 percent of the female population feeling neck pains. The occurrence of Chicago neck pain is almost half as much as the occurrence of back pain. About 45% of people who work have had a stiff neck and some point, and most of […]