Chicago Auto Accident Care

Accidents and other unintentional occurrences account for tens of thousands of injuries in the U.S. alone, every year. Many of these accidents are directly related to driving, as Dr. Jason Fennema, DC, your Chicago chiropractor, can attest to. Luckily, these accidents are preventable.

Every 11 seconds, a car collides with either another car or a foreign object – every 12 minutes, someone dies in an auto accident. You can understand why victims seeking auto accident care in Chicago – particularly those unfortunate enough to experience whiplash – make up a large portion of those receiving Chicago auto accident care at Ravenswood Health Center. The outcome of an accident, as any Chicago auto accident care therapist can verify, may be life threatening. However, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid a trip to the doctor altogether?

If you abide closely to the following tips from our experts in auto accident care in Chicago, this can be possible. First – drive slowly. Our Chicago auto accident care advisors want you to know that drivers aren’t mind-readers. Your car may as well be invisible to others until that last second when they realize you’re there. Cyclists and pedestrians account for a large number of accidents as well.

Professionals of auto accident care in Chicago feel that all the general rules of safety still apply: follow traffic laws, look for pedestrians crossing the street, and make sure other motorists know where you are and where you’re going. Your number one goal is to arrive at your destination safely. Chicago auto accident care can be avoided by defensive driving, staying alert, and paying close attention to other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. However, if you’ve been in an accident, determine if you need immediate medical care. If so, auto accident care in Chicago feels you should call 911.

Chicago auto accident care can vary greatly depending on your precise condition. Your auto accident care in Chicago starts with a counseling session with a one of our skilled therapists. Safety on the road is important, so if you are seeking auto accident care in Chicago, remember that accidents occur at home as well. If you’re in an accident of any kind, remember, chiropractors can greatly help in diagnosing and treating back problems. Accidents can and most likely will happen – just know that you can always improve your chiropractic health, or treat an injury from an auto accident, with Dr Fennema, our Chicago auto accident care expert.

Auto Accident Care in Chicago

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